Course TitleLocationDateCost
Extending the Umbraco Backoffice London, United Kingdom Feb 20, 2018 €800 Register now!
Extending the Umbraco Backoffice Bristol, United Kingdom Mar 06, 2018 €800 Register now!
Extending the Umbraco Backoffice London, United Kingdom April 10, 2017 €800 Register now!
Extending the Umbraco Backoffice Glasgow, United Kingdom April 24, 2017 €800 Register now!

Course Details

Attending the course grants you access to the Extending the Umbraco backoffice Certification test.

Target Audience: Umbraco Developers
Language: English
Duration: 1 day

What will I learn?

Customise the Umbraco back-office to give content editors the best CMS experience ever.  Build great websites with a tailored user experience for your editors. Customise and extend the Umbraco back-office with custom components using Angular JS.

Workbooks and plenty of exercises are provided but we leave plenty of time for discussion. This is a hands on course where you will be building a real Umbraco solution.

We love talking and teaching Umbraco so feel free to bring up topics and problems you may have run into.

The class will cover:

  • Basics: What is an Umbraco property editor
  • Making Umbraco usable for the editor
    • Required fields
    • Field validation
    • Useful help and error messages
  • The default property editors - and choosing the right one
    • Shall I use a textbox, dropdown or slider?
  • Introduction to Umbraco grid layout
  • Introduction to Umbraco property editors and Angular JS
    • Angular – model binding to Umbraco data
  • Building your own Umbraco property editors
    • Simple property editors
    • Adding custom JavaScript
    • Consuming external data
  • Creating and customising Umbraco list views
  • Creating custom Umbraco dashboards
  • Document type composition and inheritance

After the this one day course, you'll learn that Umbraco is a developer's best friend and you’ll be an Umbraco heavyweight!

Learn from the best

All certified Umbraco trainers know their way around the Umbraco source code, and have several years of Umbraco development and implementation experience. They know the real-life challenges you have with working with Umbraco, and love to share their knowledge.


  • You should bring your own laptop
  • Computers that are locked down by IT have a history of causing problems, so ensure that you have user rights to run a web project on your machine

Before attending this course you should have a basic understanding of the following topics (with some practical application):

  • Umbraco Document types and templates
  • Creating content in the Umbraco UI
  • JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Praise for our courses

Everything I learned will prove very helpful towards coding within (and extending on) Umbraco in future. My teacher provided many tips and advice that will prove very useful (even helping with information outside the scope of the work specifically covered in the course).
I'd definitely recommend the course to any friends or associates.