When it comes to your websites hosting it’s not something to ‘cheap out’ on. However, paying more does not mean you get the best service either. Here at Moriyama we strive to create the ideal hosting that is bespoke to you while also keeping costs down.

How we do hosting

We use Microsoft Azure hosting a well-known global Cloud provider that can not only just host your website but also provide a multitude of different services such as exabyte scale file storage, Machine learning services, Kubernetes and lots more. You can read their Overview here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/overview/

Commonly we see sites that are hosted on a Virtual Machine (VM) or dedicated physical machines which at the present time is great but can build up a lot of tech debt over time, as you need to update the VM, upgrade the hardware and schedule restarts yourself. This requires maintenance downtime, takes time away from your staff which in turn takes away time and funding for other important projects.

We recommend our clients to use Azure Web Apps (Azure App Service) for their websites which circumvents many of these issues as Azure will handle updates in the background without impacting your site as much as a dedicated machine or VM would. You can relax knowing your website is running on the latest hardware and software.


Microsoft has a dedicated team of security researchers that constantly identify and patch new threats. These are then applied to your services in the background. If security is paramount to your business, you can relax knowing that Moriyama will build a secure Azure environment for your business. This includes assisting with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s enterprise identity service and configuring Azure Key Vault to securely handle your secrets (Database connection strings, SMTP credentials etc).

Monitoring Costs

Back to costs, Azure provides lots of opportunities to help you optimize costs. We can help setup your Azure environment with cost tracking in mind. By following strict naming conventions for resources and grouping resources into well named resource groups, tracking costs becomes much easier.

We can define a plan of action to reduce the impact of costly resources such as moving on premise services into Azure.

Included Continuous deployment as part of our support package

As one of our clients you can take advantage of our Continuous Deployment offer. If you prefer to write code and hit the deploy button yourself that is totally fine by us. With Azure DevOps we can configure the deployment infrastructure and provide you access to trigger your own releases. If you have any issues with deployment, simply raise a ticket using our dedicated customer support portal and one of our experts will investigate.

I don’t use Umbraco

No problem, we can still help with configuring your Azure Resources and any sites running in DOT NET.

In Summary

Pay for smarter hosting, don’t just pay more. Consider security, flexibility, maintenance and continuous deployment in your hosting decisions. Get in touch to arrange a chat regarding your cloud hosting needs.