Umbraco 10 is clearly the best version of Umbraco ever released and a high performing, enterprise ready, friendly and flexible CMS suitable for most, if not all, content management solutions.

That said, the upgrade path from Umbraco 7 or 8 to Umbraco 10 is often very complex with a large number of very significant changes taking place between the lower version of Umbraco and the latest version of Umbraco. Only those sites already on Umbraco 9 can be upgraded to Umbraco 10 with ease.

Migrate directly to Umbraco 10

Moriyama Elevate makes it possible to directly migrate to Umbraco 10. This way the time consuming and troublesome process of moving from version 7 to 8, then 8 to 9 and finally 10 can be circumvented by going straight to 10! We follow a simple three step process:

  1. We reuse the existing design. It is possible to change the design, but that makes the project bigger, more costly and takes longer to deliver. If the goal is to migrate to the latest version quickly for the lowest cost, then re-using the same design helps to achieve this.
  2. Create a new Umbraco 10 CMS for your website using the latest features available in Umbraco 10. CMS editors will enjoy new friendly and powerful editing experiences. 
  3. At this point your new Umbraco 10 CMS is ready for the content to be inputted. We use Moriyama Elevate to programmatically migrate content from the old Umbraco version 7 or 8 website into the new Umbraco 10 website, avoiding many hours of manual content entry.

Choose from one of our three support packages for post-launch on-standby support for your website. 

Migrate from Sitecore, Episerver, Kentico, WordPress or any CMS to Umbraco!

Our Umbraco migration process works for other CMS platforms too. End-of-life Sitecore or Episerver websites can be migrated to Umbraco following the same simple three step process.

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