Release Your Software With Confidence

Deploying to Azure and building in either Azure DevOps or Github Actions we setup, operate and support CI/CD pipelines that save time and improve deployment reliability.

Our managed DevOps service provides a seamless build, release and test cycle of your website or software.

Configure continuous delivery for your database as well, Moriyama can configure your pipelines to continuously release the latest schema updates to your database.

Click below to contact us if your deployment process results in broken applications, contains multiple manual steps, is time consuming and is something you'd like to fix.

  • Version Control

  • Build/Deploy

  • Automated Testing

  • Monitoring

Moriyama-managed DevOps puts you in control


Your hold the keys to your own Azure subscription, Moriyama setup, configure and manage it for you. Or leave it to us and we will manage your requirements under our Azure hosting package.


Make it easy for internal teams and external agencies and developers to contribute to your project.


Handle spikes in traffic and get resilience and automatic failover built in.

We have been working with Moriyama for just over a year. With their guidance and support, we have not only tackled live issues but transformed our deployment process.

Jon, ECU Testing

Moriyama DevOps services

Azure DevOps

We can implement Azure DevOps into your organisation or assist with your existing Azure DevOps platform to configure CI/CD pipelines and secure secret management. All designed to deploy securely to the Azure platform or your own external virtual machines.


We also support Github actions and can configure secure CI/CD pipelines to deploy securely to Azure platform or your own external virtual machines.


As part of our support we can provide continuous monitoring of your web application to proactively inform you if we notice an outage in your web application.

Architecting your ideal Azure solution

Whether you require a simple Web App and database solution or a complex solution requiring a unique blend of Azure's services, we are on hand to architect and implement your ideal Azure solution.

Infrastructure as Code

Take advantage of using IaC to reduce your cloud costs by templating your Azure solution into Bicep or ARM templates. Enabling you to delete your infrastructure when not needed and quickly recreate again when its needed.

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