Moriyama Elevate is a data tool from Moriyama that can export, remap and import Umbraco content data.

  1. Export Umbraco 7 or 8 content into an independent hierarchical format.
  2. Remap the structure of Umbraco 7 or 8 source data to make it suitable for the Umbraco 10 target.
  3. Import the restructured data Umbraco 10.

This powerful data tool makes possible content migrations from Umbraco 7 or 8 directly to Umbraco 10, thus eliminating the upgrade path. Developers can start with a new build, utilising that latest platform features, retiring old no-longer supported features and eliminating technical debt. After building the perfect new site content from the old site can now be programmatically migrated from the old site to the new site avoiding many (probably hundreds of) hours of manual effort that would otherwise be required to re-enter the content.

Register for the Alpha programme for Moriyama Elevate

We announced the Alpha programme and details about Moriyama Elevate at Umbraco Together 2022 on 18 November 2022. The Alpha programme is open to Umbraco Gold partner organisations and Umbraco MVP's who would like to engage Moriyama for Umbraco 7 or 8 content migration to Umbraco 10.

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