Moriyama offer rock solid Managed hosting. We can load and stress test your site against anticipated traffic and recommend the best option for you.

We can build your hosting platform so that it is highly available, fault tolerant and responds optimally to your end users even if they are geographically dispersed.

All of our hosting packages conform to Umbraco security best practices.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Moriyama host websites in Azure, Amazon EC2 and other private cloud providers. Our turnkey solution allows Umbraco to be load balanced in Azure websites and allows your website to be automatically scaled to handle additional capacity during a spike in traffic.

Moriyama are experts at deploying Umbraco and other .NET applications into Microsoft Azure. We have extensive commercial experience of the following deployments.

  • Azure Web Roles
  • Azure VMs
  • Azure Websites

Dedicated Servers And Shared Hosting

Cloud service providers aren't for everyone. We can host and support Umbraco on your own infrastructure or on one of our own Azure VPS severs.

Active Monitoring

Moriyama can actively monitor your site and let you know when it isn't performing as you'd expect. Be it an outage or a spike in traffic that causes a slow down on your site we can inform you by SMS, telephone and email.

If you are a customer with a support agreement we are also able to pro-actively troubleshoot your issue, responding to issues as soon as we notice them.

Release Your Software With Confidence

Our managed devops service is next generation hosting. Your Azure services setup to allow the seamless build, release and test cycle of your website or software.

You control the hosting and the services but benefit from our years of experience to follow best practices.

Access experienced consultancy and advice on demand when coupled with our industry leading support service.

We Support your workflow.

If you also prefer a hands-on approach we won’t get in the way. We can setup and manage your deployments while you code away.

Take advantage of our Moriyama Git Versioning package. Need to tweak a little CSS or noticed some missing html on a page? Simply update the file in the Umbraco back office and our Git Versioning package will do the rest. Ensuring your changes are not lost when we need to make a release.

We use Azure DevOps to manage our deployments but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in charge of your code repository. Keep your code in GitHub or Bitbucket and we can configure Azure DevOps to access, build and deploy it for you.

Security and Secrets

Rest assured that we take your security seriously. Take advantage of our Preview Auth package to securely provide access to our or your staging environments. Preview Auth will block any unauthorised access to your staging environments so you can view that time sensitive feature or article without search engines or the public picking up on it.

All your secrets such as connection strings, API keys etc are kept securely in Azure Keyvault. Our next generation devops process will securely handle those secrets during the release process. With the added flexibility to use your Azure Keyvault if desired.

On Boarding

Our Devops team are on hand to make your onboarding process as seamless as possible. When you become a Moriyama Support customer, we will be on hand to transition your site over to work in our Azure hosting or to configure Azure DevOps to work with your hosting provider.

We are one contact form away, the above DevOps features come as standard with your support agreement with us.